Sweet tooth after anesthesia requires donuts.

I love to bake! I didn’t realize this about myself until I was about 30 and had this compulsion to bake pies!


I felt like I could hold my own hosting a dinner party on the dinner portion, but I struggled at that point with the desert options. Maybe if I liked to eat them more…

So, I set out years ago to master pies! I tried at least a dozen crust recipes and settled on a Mansion on Turtle Creek recipe that uses butter over shortening. It makes the most flakey, delicious crust (2 actually per recipe).

My favorite pies over the years have been buttermilk and rhubarb. Not strawberry rhubarb, just rhubarb. Rhubarb with fresh whipped cream… Oh, I salivate juts thinking about that pie.

I passed a kidney stone this week. Wow, that was brutal! In addition, to follow that, the kids came home from camp!

I had a little surgery Friday evening to go get that lovely stone. And, for some reason, anesthesia always leaves me wanting sweets! Weird, right?

So, the guys went to get the girls from East Texas Saturday morning. I got up and decided they really needed to come home to homemade pop tarts.


Yeah, pop tarts. I bought a big container of fresh strawberries earlier in the week, so I decided these pop tarts needed a fresh filling rather than a store bought jam.



The pop tarts too a few hours with the jam, the cooling, the crust, and the assembly. The recipe only made six, but they were so amazing! I will for sure make these again. And, I think I will experiment with some other flavors. I think rhubarb may be in our future!

Here is the recipe I used for the Pop Tarts:

Thank you House Vegan! You win!

Today I continued my baking interest and made coffee cake baked donuts. I mean how can you not make donuts when you got the coolest donut pans in the mail earlier in the week?!


Travis gets the kids donuts once or twice a month, and they are necessary have when there is a sleep over. I never get to have the donuts. Bummer!

So, Wilton makes donut pans to make baked donuts! I bought two pans!


I found a great recipe for coffee cake donuts. These also took some time, and they are very dense. However, also really yummy! And, they satisfied my need for a donut.

The girls were not into the donuts. Maybe because they weren’t in the shape of Hello Kitty!

The donuts use many dishes. I think I used three bowls and several steps. This is not the easiest recipe or the fastest either. However, a good one is worth a try! It also only makes about seven donuts.

Here is the recipe I used for the Coffee Cake Donuts:


These donuts were best warm. I ate a cold one a little later in the day, and the topping had hardened and that was just a little weird…

Later in the afternoon, I needed real food! I needed soup! This was after I broke down and made spicy hot wings for Willa. That kid LOVES chicken. I often wonder if she is really my child!

Willa took down a ton of the wings. The positive here is that my HUGE air fryer is the BOMB! It is a super amazing kitchen addition. It was quick, easy and really hassle free! And, easy to clean! WIN!

Moving right along to soup…

On my way to the hospital Friday for my stone removal, I saw my sister, who brought me a Forks Over Knives magazine! So cool! I have seen these at Whole Foods and Sprouts, but I have yet to pick one up.

I devoured this magazine as soon as I could at the hospital. There are some great soups and salads in this issue that I am planning on trying.

I settled on the orzo and kale soup. I had a fresh bunch of kale in my last Farm Box Delivery that needed to be used. So, this made the most sense.

This soup is simple and comes together really fast. Perfect for a weeknight meal.


I couldn’t find the recipe online for this soup, but you can find it in the latest edition of the magazine. It is worth the purchase!

I hope you get some ideas from the foods that got my family and me through this weekend! I am going to have to try out that Instant Pot later this week and report.

I may have completed four new dishtowels as well in order to distract from the pain.





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lea Popham says:

    I want one of all of those!!! Next sleepover I am skipping the donut shop for some of your donuts!! For sure!!


    1. Thank you Lea! I would be happy to make these for you! Just let me know what time you will be there so I can wake up in time to bake:)


  2. mistimaan says:

    Just loved it


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