I think I figured out my new comfort meal. It may be like having a steak dinner…

I may have found my comfort go to meal! And I felt like I had eaten a good steak! But, without the guilt or pain in my stomach after.


Most of my life I wanted meat. I wanted a piece of steak over anything else. I have always been borderline anemic. I thought that must be the reason I needed red meat. When I was pregnant with my girls, I became anemic. Full on anemic. I ended up on an iron supplement to level me out. I kept wondering why I couldn’t get enough spinach. I still crave spinach any way I can get it.

Willa is the same way. She loves meat! She is the one that stomps off when I announce what I am making for dinner shouting, “not another meatless main dish!” She really loves chicken. Now, don’t even get me started about me feelings towards chicken. That is a post unto its own.

I had a pretty good workday. Better than expected as I am coming off a 15-hour workday at a concert in the sun on Saturday and a long day of dropped the kids off at camp yesterday.

Today was good until we got back from lunch. I stared having some flank pain on Saturday and chalked it up to too many hours driving a golf cart in the 103 Texas heat. I had waves of pain Saturday afternoon for about 2 hours. Pain that makes you nauseous. However, it passed after a couple of hours and turned into a dull ache.

Sunday I woke up as early as always even after going to bed around 2 am. I got up and made breakfast. I knew the girls were feeling nervous about camp. First, sleep away camp. Understood. Respected.

I went through the day with this dull ache in my side. I still thought I must have tweaked something in my back. I mean, I am getting older and things seem to ache a little more than they used to.

I went to work and was having a good day. Quiet, but I talked to a new prospect on the phone and started working on a plan for them. It’s a fun sports client. I love the sports folks!

I went to lunch with a couple of coworkers. None of us normally has time to actually sit down to a meal together, but being a holiday week and coming off our big concert, things were a little slower than usual.

When we pulled up to the office and I got out of the car, that damn flank pain came back like a wave of nausea again. I started to clue in what was going on, so I called my doctor and was able to get an end of day appointment. Thank goodness, as day after tomorrow is a holiday.

My blood pressure was a little high when I got there. No shocker considering I always run high when in pain. I saw the intern who was helping my regular doctor first. He was really very good. He asked a lot of questions and was very thorough. He said he needed to discuss what he found with my doctor.

My doctor returned about 10 minutes later with her intern. I knew then what was going on.

Sparing you all the details. It seems I am passing a kidney stone. I haven’t had this problem in 13 years. So, it isn’t the biggest surprise when they gave me some details on what they found that lead them to this conclusion. All is good. I have been to this game before. It is super painful, but not the end of the world! More tests tomorrow and another doctor and we will get this show on the road…. Hopefully!

All that long story being said, I needed some comfort food tonight. I have to eat with antibiotics, so I wanted a hearty meal for dinner.

Now, on another note, the last few months I have been wondering why people ate fake meat or weird formed not meat products. If you want a steak, eat the steak man. At least you know what is in that burger! The farther I get away from my days of eating meat, the less I even want to try something that tastes like meat. I ordered a veggie burger the other day at Alamo Draft House that tasted like meat. I had to have Travis turn on his flashlight to confirm I wasn’t eating meat. Now, if you really miss the meat, go to Alamo Draft House and order that veggie burger.

What I am obsessed with are mushrooms! As you can tell by my previous post;)

I bought two Portobello mushrooms, a can of white wine, some fresh basil and a bag of mixed grains from Trader Joe’s.

I have made enough Pinterest fails at this point to think this was going to be a hit or miss. It could go either way. However, a meaty Portobello covered in a creamy garlic gravy, with some Israeli couscous… exciting!

This ended up being a Pinterest WIN! I should have know after seeing this was a Vegan Richa recipe. I have read reviews and other blog posts by this gal and I have been very intrigued! Her cook book was super high in all the ratings I read about last years cookbook winners. And you know how I love a cookbook!

Here is the Grilled Portobello Mushrooms with Garlic Sauce recipe:


This meal did take me a little longer than I thought to make. I started by making the couscous. My trick to the best couscous is to use vegetable broth instead of water. I even skip the tablespoon of butter. You can add the butter to keep the gains separated. I just do not really like them slick.

After I started the grains, I put the mushrooms in a pie pan with the marinade and brushed them with the sauce. I learned something tonight. Penzey spices are super strong! Try this recipe with about ½ of the suggested smoked paprika if you are using Penzeys! Whew! This was the only thing I would alter with this recipe! Not bad, right!?


I heated the oven, soaked my cashews and started the sauce. Now, I also still get excited to bust out my Vitamix!! High Five! The sauce required the sauce be whizzed so it would really be like a cream sauce. This may be the first creamy sauce I have made with the Vitamix. Let me tell you, this may be the best small appliance I had added to my kitchen since I got a Kitchen Aid mixer 14 years ago! No joke. This is a game changer for vegan cooking!

This meal was so yummy. I really felt as satisfied as I when I ate meat and had a good filet at a steak house. Shocker right? This is comfort food to me. I think I would choose this meal over mac and cheese or a grilled cheese at this point in my vegan journey!

And, best part is, I don’t feel slow, tired, or bloated. I know I won’t wake up in the middle of the night with an upset tummy. Moreover, I won’t feel slow and sluggish in the morning. Thank goodness for this as well since I can only drink water for now with this kidney stone situation. My gut feels good!

Now, if only my right flank felt that great!




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  1. mistimaan says:

    Looks tasty


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