Yes, you can enjoy Chicken (non) and Waffles for Brunch!

I found this Vegan Chicken and Waffles recipe a few weeks ago and it has been burning a hole in my binder. This recipe is what led me to follow Sweet Potato Soul and even buy her cookbook!


You are not going to want to miss this recipe!

This has been a crazy town week. My radio station put on a gigantic free show annually and Saturday was the day. That means that the weeks leading up to this have been crazy for all of us.

In addition to the concert, the girls left for their first sleep away camp on Sunday. This is all super exciting, but a little nerve racking for all of us. The girls were nervous and a little crazy all week as we got them prepared. I get it. Who isn’t a little concerned about the unknown? And, it didn’t make them feel more secure that mom was busy all day Saturday.

Harper was still awake when I got home from the show after midnight on Saturday. I went in to calm them down and tuck them in. Then, I took a long shower and put myself to bed.

I woke up early Sunday to make breakfast. All in hopes that mom cooking made them feel comforted as we finished getting ready to head to camp. I hope it worked!

Sunday seemed like the perfect day to try out the Chicken and Waffles recipe I have been dying for. Honestly, it was a long shot that the kids would eat the mushrooms, but at least I knew they would try my waffles.


I bought a bag of beautiful Oyster Mushrooms last week that I have been super excited about! They are gorgeous and I have never cooked with them before.

I am in love with mushrooms! Not only are they tasty, you can make so many cool things with mushrooms. Portabellas are one of my most used veggies. Totally, off track… but, that reminds me…. I need to dust off the Mushroom Stroganoff recipe! That was one of the first things I made when I changed my diet! Oldie but goodie. Oh, and I almost forgot about Mushroom Wellington! There could be a whole book in my library on Mushroom recipes!

Back to the Chicken and Waffles. For the Waffles, the recipe calls for flax seed. It made the waffles spotted, but they were still super yummy! The mix made about 8 waffles.

Oyster Mushrooms took a little bit of work to find. They don’t carry them at Trader Joe’s or my local Tom Thumbs. I had to make a trip to Central Market to shop the mother load of mushroom choices. Whole Foods had them as well, but they were prepackaged. I ended up buying mine from Central Market because I could choose what and how much I wanted.

I washed the mushrooms well and cut the stems out. Most of what I had were in four or five big clusters, which really did end up looking like fried chicken. Then, there were some smaller pieces also.

The batter was so well seasoned! I could have even made it a little spicier with a little more cayenne.


I made a trip to Penzey’s Spices earlier last week, so I had some great spices to work with! If you have a Penzey’s in your area, it is a fun trip! If not, you can order from them online. They are so fragrant and affordable. These spices are special and worth your time and money to update your cabinet!

As I thought, the girls only wanted the waffles. They were a bit perplexed by the flax meal, but they ate them without syrup due to the sugar in the batter. Win!

They Chicken Mushrooms turned so beautifully brown frying in my Dutch oven. I turned them once after about five minutes. Then, drained them on paper towels before serving.


This breakfast was a treat. Travis liked it (maybe not loved it, but liked it). I thought it was super exciting to cook with a new mushroom, but also to eat a much loved breakfast food that my family orders out often. It is a treat to eat brunch. I have always loved brunch. It is one of those special meals or indulgence often shared with friends. As a vegan, we sometimes miss those delights.

I tend to get anxious about eating out when I know I can’t eat the things I used to enjoy. Or, when you have one option on the menu! It can make me cranky…

One of the articles I read when I was researching this diet change said to get used to always taking your own food with you. That is cool when you are going to work or a party, but it can be difficult when you go out to eat.

Therefore, the solution can be to make your own amazing brunch at home!

I have another Farm Box Delivery coming this week, so stay tuned for what’s on the menu while the girls are at camp!




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  1. mistimaan says:

    Looks tasty

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  2. Thank you so much! It was tasty!


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