My least favorite four-letter word

More jackfruit, my favorite cookbook, and some thoughts on the word HATE.

I am digging into this new cookbook, Sweet Potato Soul. Last night, I came home to a new gas range! Fancy! I also had a hair appointment at the house.

I had a little time before my hairdresser showed up, so I started a Jackfruit Jambalaya!


Man, it was great! I still had a beautiful red pepper from my Farm Box Delivery.

Good news…. The oven is awesome! So is the jackfruit!

You can find the recipe in the Sweet Potato Soul cookbook and you may be able to find it on the website.

I was reading some of the vegan recipe sites I follow online last night before turning out my light. I read a note from a woman who has been vegan for a year. She went to dinner recently with a good friend who knew she was vegan. They joined a larger group of women. These women made fun and ridiculed her to the point of tears after she asked the waiter what her vegan options were.

My heart goes out to this woman! I think one of the scariest things about changing your diet is ordering in a restaurant. On the other hand, the beating of people asking you why you are vegan. Alternatively, better yet, proclaiming that they could NEVER give up meat.

I have a hard time believing that someone would or could not change their diet if they were told it would improve their health or make them feel a thousand times better.

All of this lead me to a sleepless night. I tossed and turned thinking of the hate this woman felt when she should have felt support.

Hate is a word that I consider the WORST four-letter word in our vocabularies.

My kids are corrected if the word hate slips from their lips. This has become increasingly important in the last year. I do not want my children to turn into mean girls. In addition, mean girls seem to surface in the fourth grade! Knowing that the mean girls will get worse as we head to the middle school.

Someone close to me accused me of hate this week and I was shocked. My husband, the woman I was speaking to and myself all stared in shock as I was accused of HATE as a child.

I am choosing to move on from the hate comment as that feeling has obviously been redirected towards me. It makes me sad.

The world is large, and I am of the opinion that much like judgement, hate is not a feeling or determination that we as humans can or should oppose on another.

Hate is a hurtful word. It is an unacceptable feeling in my home. The world only has time for love and kindness towards our fellow man and loved ones.

Please, forgive my commentary today. I hope when you have a friend who is trying to order a vegan meal you will be kind even if you eat meat! Moreover, I hope those vegans will not judge or hate on you in return. We all have our own way of doing thing.

Choose LOVE. In addition, eat jackfruit!



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