Farm Box Delivery

Farm Box Delivery is fantastic!

First, I am a big fan of Groupon! A few weeks ago, I came across a company out of Austin, TX called Farm Box Delivery. I went on their website to put in my zip code and confirm they deliver to my area and they do! I bought a large Farm Box for $25.

I have always loved the local Farmers Market. Homegrown tomatoes are one of my favorites. I also love to support our local farmers.

When I saw Farm Box Delivery, I was super excited! There are many options for size of box, vegetable and fruit mixes, fruit or vegetables alone. There are even meal kits and eggs or meat options! I chose a Large Box with mixed fruit and vegetable.

Check these people out to see if they deliver to your area, if not, I am sure you can find a similar resource.

My delivery came Wednesday and when I got home from work, I thought I won the lottery! The box was heavy and packed to the top with beautiful produce!

There were collards, cilantro, huge zucchini, red bell peppers, potatoes, roma tomatoes, bananas, cherries, nectarines, plums, and more! How fun! Now I have a new challenge. What do I make with what I got that is perfectly ripe and in season?

Of course, this problem leads me to do my favorite things…. Research!

One of my favorite meals in Dallas has been at HG Supply Co. recently. They have a bowl called the True Grit. It is delicious! There are cauliflower polenta and greens. I dream about this bowl. I have been reading vegan polenta for weeks. I bet I have read a dozen recipes at this point. I even made a dish a few weeks ago using the polenta in a tube. However, after the tube of polenta, I wanted to branch out and make it myself!

I narrow it down to a couple of recipes and decide to go with one with leeks.

This is the recipe I used:

I only made the polenta portion, but it was outstanding! I must say… better than HG Supply. Sorry HG!

I also wanted to make the collards. I haven’t made collards in years, and I have never made them vegan! I read 4-5 recipes for these as well, and settled on a simple one that sounded just a little strange. You finish it off with a little soy sauce and paprika… weird, right? FANTASTIC!

Check out the site: and search Southern Vegan Collard Greens.

Now, I will say, and please forgive me… I made and ate just a little salmon with this meal. I have been eating just a little fish. Moreover, I would rather buy wild organic and cook it at home than have it out where I am concerned about the quality and if they cooked it in butter.

The salmon was perfect and I enjoyed a little bit!

This was possibly the most satisfying meal I have made in months. The comfort of the polenta, the fresh collard with roma tomatoes, and even the salmon. Travis and I loved it! I will have to make this meal for the kids soon!


My photo for this meal looks like I have a Mr. Bungle sized portion of polenta (because I did)!

Now, what do I make with four zucchini the size of a baby’s arm?




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