Dinner with Friends/Family

School is ending this week. In addition, not just another year, the end of elementary! The girls are heading to Intermediate School for the next 4 years! It is a strange thing to have twins because most of these milestones happen together. We are on the fast track from complete craziness to an empty nest in eight short years. Check out the tiny gangsters:)


This week is nuts are we prepare for parades, promotion ceremonies, field day, and a clap out! Whew! I am tired thinking about it. Then, we leave for family vacation this weekend. I am not sure why we thought this was a good idea, but we are all ready to relax next week.

Yesterday I got a message from one of my best friends that she has to put her aging cat down this week. I know the pain of losing a fur baby, and my heart goes out to them. We decide to meet for dinner to get their minds off this news.

We met at a Burger and Hot Dog Joint. I of course check the menu in advance to scan for a veggie burger, and low and behold, there is a Portobello burger! Score! Good to go.

Our family walks in first and there is not a sole in the place… It is 6:30 on Lower Greenville. I am a little suspicious right there. We walk up to scan the menu with the kids. They are super excited about milkshakes and meat.

I inquire about the Portobello Burger, and the person behind the counter proceeds to tell me there is nothing on their menu that will accommodate me. Nothing. I mean, you cannot make that mushroom with a little olive oil instead of butter. He was not nice, apologetic, or helpful.

This was a little shocking to me. For sure off putting. This is the first experience I have had in a restaurant where they were not even 1% trying to accommodate dietary restrictions. Usually, I apologize profusely in advance and the wait staff tells me no worries they get that all the time. However, I am usually prepared in advance buy scanning a menu online ahead of time as well.

Our friends come in and notice no one is there also. We explain I cannot eat anything and decide to head down the street for another option.

HG Supply Co. is full on Open Table, but we go anyway and end up at the last six top high top! We have a fantastic server who takes awesome care of us and thinks the girl’s antics are entertaining! Whew again!

We order the vegan queso and Travis snarfs the majority of it down. Things are going well! We have an awesome meal. I had a bowl called The True Grit this time. I mean polenta and chard. Uh, yeah!


The kids all have chicken fried rice full of veggies. Which we were happier about than they were, but they ate with the lure of getting gelato after dinner. Hey, it’s a celebratory week y’all!

During the meal, our server comes by with another gal that is also vegan and we nerd out a bit about cooking and nutritional yeast. I am loving this!

Moreover, it gets better! A woman now comes by with a tray of cocktails and offers them to the adults. We inquire what is going on and she says we are about to toast the Sunset! Get out of town! How cool is that?

They roll up the garage door that separates the inside from the patio. A young, cute hipster jumps up on a chair at the back of the restaurant and the packed crowd all turns to hear his speech. He thanks us all for sharing this meal together and we raise our glasses to toast the Sunset.

We pay our bill, thank our server and head for gelato.

Thank you terrible restaurant who I will not name (but will be sending a hand written note to your manager) on Lower Greenville! You made a bad experience on a day we needed to celebrate a GREAT evening with our family and best friends who are like family!

And, thank you HG Supply Co. We cannot get back quick enough! You make Dallas a happy and delicious place.

In addition, HG Supply Co., I hear you also make Fort Worth awesome!

Head to HG Supply Co. as soon as you can. They are vegan and paleo friendly and they are happy to make their menu work for your restrictions.



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  1. Lea says:

    A wonderful dinner with friends I would be happy to call family!!! Thank you for taking my mind of sadder times….you are a blessing!! And the food was amazing!!! As usual for HG!! Sooooo glad you got to have a delicious and filling meal you did not have to cook yourself!! 💖


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