The BEST Breakfast Scramble I have found!

Breakfast can be a challenge.

I am not a huge breakfast food fan as we have discussed before. I like savory as opposed to sweet. However, those vegan churro waffles may be my exception;)

I tend to grab hummus and pretzel chips or nuts most days at my desk.

There are so many mixed reviews on the consumption of soy. I was super afraid of tofu because of this when I started this journey. To start I rarely touched tofu. I was fine with soy beans. I often order edamame or throw shelled soy beans on my salads at the Whole Foods salad bar without concern.

After doing more reading, I have come to the conclusion that soy is fine in moderation just like anything else. I mean, I am not eating the carcinogens from animal products anymore. Can’t this balance out someway if soy is not consumed in overload?

I also read that over the age of 40 (which I am well into at this point), some soy may help balance hormones! Hey, hot flashes, listen up!

With all that being said, and an endless amount of research to still do, I eat a little more soy.

My favorite is a tofu breakfast scramble! I eat this maybe once or twice a week. On a side note, even Harper likes the scramble!


Here is the tofu scramble recipe that I like best:

For the scramble:

1 half package tofu, extra firm, drained and squeezed as dry as possible

2 Tbs nutritional yeast

1 tbs onion powder

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp taco seasoning

1 tsp turmeric

For the additional toppings:

¼-1/2 can refried beans

Soy cheese

Sauteed spinach and tomatoes

Hot sauce


Flour tortillas to wrap it all up in!

  1. Crumble the tofu in a medium bowl. Add all the spices and combine. Toss in a medium hot skillet with a little olive or avocado oil.
  2. Meanwhile, I heat the refried beans (I prefer the black ones with jalapenos from Trader Joe’s) in a separate small saucepan.
  3. I also like to saute the spinach with some garlic and quartered Campari tomatoes until wilted.
  4. Turn a burner on medium if you have a gas stove and heat your tortilla. Top as you wish!


I top a couple of different ways. Sometimes with beans and sometimes without. I always add avocado and spinach when I have them.

Crystal hot sauce is my favorite for this. It has a nice vinegar flavor without too much heat. It’s made near New Orleans, and you can usually find it at Fiesta or Walmart.

I am sure you will come up with a million more ways to top your scramble. Harper eats hers in a bowl like eggs.



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