Be Kind!

There some crazy stinking vegans out there!

One of the best things I have done to find support is join as many groups online as I can find. I joined about 6-8 Facebook groups and countless Instagram folks. I mainly follow the vegan diets and recipe sites. In addition to Facebook and Instagram, I have some favorite bloggers and websites that are my go to places when I need a new idea or inspiration to get over a hump! We can discuss Pinterest later.

Beware of these online forums! Cyber Bullies are real! I experienced one yesterday! Thank goodness I have been eating this way for 5+ months, or I may have turned and gone back to my days of cheese.

I belong to a Facebook group of vegan and vegetarians for weight loss. It is a great community! I posted this week on the necessity of owning a tofu press and the feedback was so helpful! Most people are all in the same boat. They are looking for motivation, support, and suggestions on how to make this work.

Yesterday a woman posted that she was giving up cheese. She must be a vegetarian, and was asking for help on how to get past her cheese addiction. So, me and my helpful self, commented that an occasional handful of Starburt minis helped me for a few weeks. Maybe I was taking a risk….

On a side not…I am committed to a plant based diet, but let’s just go ahead and put it out there… I am not giving up my shoes and handbags! Sorry to those of you who are more hard core than I can be. I love my furry friends. I really do. There is a dog in my bed as I type. I don’t have any desire to eat my friends. But, I have an admitted handbag addiction that can’t be cured.


If you can follow me there, let’s move forward.

So, back to the Cyber Bully. After my cheeky Starburst comment, I got blasted! This vegetarian went off on me about how sugar uses animal bones (I am going to have to look this up because it is news to me), and continued about how dare I suggest any processed food. Come on people! Let’s talk about surviving in life.

These comments kept coming and she kept poking me and telling me how I was wrong! I finally put an end to it but stating that I appreciated her opinions.

This crazy person bothered me all day!

How can you attack someone for doing their best and trying to make changes to help their bodies. I was not only offended, but much like living by example, what was she thinking?! This vegetarian who has been eating processed cheese from animals was going off on me!?

A week into this journey, Travis and I went to a vegan restaurant. Travis quickly told the waiter that I was a new vegan. The lovely person said do your best! Be kind to yourself! If you get off track, get back on and try again. It will get easier.

Every single day I think of those kind words that waiter spoke to me. It helps! Be kind! Isn’t that the whole message of being a vegan? Isn’t that the whole message of life and what we want our kids to learn. Be kind!

I hope you will still follow my handbag loving self! And, forgive me, I am doing the best I can.

Be kind.



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  1. Lea says:

    Haters are the worst!! I am so proud of you and you should be super proud of yourself! From a fellow handbag addict….I could never give those up either!!


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