Whatever gets you through the day

Comfort Food for Breakfast today… I am headed back to cheese for a moment!

So, I woke up this morning still sad about losing my old friend Monday. Maybe more sad as the reality of it really starts to sink in and slowly the memories pass through my thoughts.

And sad is not my normal M.O. By any means.

I made my way to the kitchen this morning to make coffee, and I needed cheese! Wonderful, comforting, addictive cheese. I promise I will move on from cheese after this post!

I anticipated this happening, so I picked up some soy singles last night at Trader Joe’s. I’ve had these before and on an English muffin it is passable.


Did you know that Thomas’s English Muffins are vegan? They are! Thank our lucky stars people!

I pop a muffin in the toaster and make my first cup of coffee.

When the muffin is toasted, I put just a tiny bit of Earth Balance butter on it. I know… no judgement… I am having a rough go! Then, I put a soy cheddar slice on each and microwave (yet again no judgement) for 15 seconds.

I would normally throw this in the broiler, but I am short on time and juts looking for comfort this morning!

Just like that, the breakfast is done! I eat. I have a cup of coffee. I still cry all the way to work. But, I am full and I not wanting for more food. Thanks for calling to check on me Molly.


We all have to find those tricks to get through life. And, tricks to manage a challenging diet.

I hope a little soy cheese helps you someday. I am sure it won’t be the last time it helps me.


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