Oh my cheese!

Oh my, I want to sell my soul for cheese!

I have never been a sweet eater…

On a side note… I went through years of perfecting my pie skills. I tried every piecrust recipe I could find. I mixed, kneaded, rolled and baked. I love to bake! There. I said it! I don’t think I have ever admitted it.

My favorite pie is rhubarb. Not strawberry rhubarb, just rhubarb. Thanks to my BFF, Tanya, for that trip to Germany in college;) I may have to experiment with pie soon……

But, I never rarely ate the pie. I just didn’t really crave the sugar. I hear I make a good pie. My niece requests buttermilk for her birthday and I always take one or two to Thanksgiving.

pieThe above is a buttermilk pecan pie from Thanksgiving 2017. I didn’t try it, but it had a good response.

Then, I gave up cheese. Holy moly! What happened to me?

I went to Google to solve this cheese craving. It ends up cheese creates a reaction in the brain that is addictive. Damn cheese!

I loved a date night that included a cheese board and Dateline! What was life without cheese? Blue, sticky, gruyere in my popovers (we can address popovers later), brie, melted, baked, need I go on?

Cheese! Oh my loving cheese.

It took me about 2-3 weeks to really NEED cheese. I mean, I needed cheese. And, for some reason, I started wanting sugar. What is going on? Sugar? I don’t even try my lovely pies!

Back to Google I go. I start looking into every sweet I can find that is vegan. I come across mini Starburst. What? Regular Starburst aren’t vegan. Why no! But, minis areJ

So I find that a handful of mini Starburst keep my raging cheese cravings under control! Do I even know who this Sarah person is?

After five months I have found a little nut and soy cheese to make me happy. I love a Trader Joe’s soy single on my Thomas English Muffin (yes, they are vegan. I Googled it.). And, I occasionally have a began cheese pizza (they ROCK).

I did make a nut cheese ball for Christmas (GROSS).

But, there are some substitutes that are not too bad. I also made a mac and cheese with veggies and cashews that even my non-vegan husband was convinced of.

Power through those cravings. You can make it with a healthy gut and find something to take the edge off. Even if you are trying to cut out something else. Stay true to what makes you feel good. I would rather have a handful of sugar and a healthy stomach.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Lea Popham says:

    I still want to try your mac and cheese!! I think it sounds delicious!!


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